Privacy Policy

Priority Group Australia Pty Ltd has established procedures to ensure the National Privacy Principles are complied with, emphasising that procedures address:

  • The collection of data for accurate identification of clients to enable us to provide the required services;
  • Information is only used to ensure that we are able to communicate effectively with our clients and is never disclosed to other parties;
  • Every attempt is made to ensure that any data collected is accurate, complete and current;
  • Every attempt is made to protect data from misuse, loss or unauthorised use;
  • Information is only available to personnel who have been trained in our policy and procedures for maintaining data securely;
  • We encourage clients to proactively update personal information that we may hold and ensure that it is correct;
  • Government related identifiers are collected or used, for scheme eligibility purposes only;
  • It is impractical for individuals to remain anonymous to office personnel, however every attempt is made to ensure anonymity where applicable;
  • While our main database is held in the cloud, every effort has been taken to ensure stability and security of that web service and no information will be transferred internationally unless absolutely necessary for the provision of our products and services for international clients.
  • Sensitive personal and business information is not normally collected, and will not be collected, unless specifically agreed to by the relevant individual.